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History of HAEAS

Haitian Art Education and Appraisal Society (HAEAS), Inc., was founded in November 2003. Operating as a non-profit corporation, however, did not begin until August 17, 2006, under the laws of the State of Maryland. Including "Education" in the name was due to the importance this core program will play in the early years of our organization.

HAEAS’ membership will include not only experienced and professionally educated and tested fine art appraisers of Haitian art internationally, but museum curators, gallery owners, art dealers, art historians, art educators, and art students interested in the advancement of the arts of Haiti, or of artists of Haitian descent.

HAEAS’ vision was born in 1997 when Marcel Wah, current Executive Director, lost eleven original paintings at Delta Airlines cargo terminal in Oakland, California. The lack of appraisers familiar with Haitian art or artists, and the scarce data available for research, resulted in the devaluation of Wah’s works. That unfortunate incident accentuated a major problem existing in Haitian art, and prompted the need to have experienced and trained professional appraisers who know and understand Haitian art in order to conduct a well-informed and accurate appraisal.

By having trained and knowledgeable members who can estimate accurate values of personal property for such functions as buying and selling art objects, insurance coverage and claims, estate and gift taxes, charitable contributions, bankruptcies, family and business dissolutions, liquidations, causality loss, collateral, and expert witness testimony, Haitian art will fare better in the global marketplace. Potential clients who may be in need of appraisal services include collectors, insurance companies, auction houses, financial institutions, attorneys, adjusters, CPAs, heirs, the household goods moving industry, and others.

As we embark on this endeavor of raising the standards in appraising Haitian art, we will look to partner with existing appraisal societies, educational institutions, and others who have an interest in the appraisal profession.