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About Us

HAEAS, Inc., is a non-profit professional organization serving the Haitian Art appraisal community and meeting the needs of its artists, collectors, curators, gallery owners, art dealers, educators, art historians, art students, and the general public. Our mission is to establish appraisal standards for Haitian Art, and to advance the arts through education, archiving, advocacy, and scholarship.

HAEAS proposes three different areas of concentration to serve its intended population: Archiving, Appraisal, and Education. We realize that in order to begin training professional appraisers on Haitian Art, it is first necessary to begin archiving works by Haitian Artists and to put in place research information for the profession to be able to access. We also realize that Haiti has lacked broad formal art education for the majority of its artists, and few resources in terms of documentation, publication, and valuation standards for the people who sell and buy Haitian Art.

Without standards to help sustain the value of art production, Haitian Art stands at a disadvantage with the rest of the art world. We lag behind all other art specialties, i.e., Asian Art, Latin American Art, European Art, and African Art in relation to market size, availability of a bustling secondary market, promotion, accessibility to market information, and education. Also, Haitian Art has been tremendously devalued beginning around 1999 when the major auction houses ceased to sell Haitian Art due to price fluctuations, lack of or non-enforcement of government laws regarding copyright infringements, fakes and forgeries, and poor maintenance of valuable art pieces resulting from the absence of qualified, well-trained, and experienced art conservators.

The current situation, thus, stems from lack of awareness that a problem exists, and that few understand the importance of appraisal standards and authentication. We propose to develop training programs for appraisers, sponsor a yearly conference on appraising Haitian Art, develop a research database of art, and education programs offered through workshops, seminars, publications, and lecture series. Our organization will have the expertise, experience, and education to address these problems, and to help shape an already strong pool of talent to experience another great art revival that will benefit our target population and offer services nonexistent elsewhere.