To qualify for HAEAS’ Accredited Appraiser (HAA) status, a candidate must fulfill the following requirements:


A candidate must have a Bachelor of Arts degree or equivalent art or appraisal experience of 5 years or more, and complete one of the two education requirements below:

1. HAEAS’ Education Requirements for New Appraisers

Candidates must complete HAEAS’ courses, with a passing score of 75 percent, in:

  • Principles of Valuation--appraisal theory/practice, and
  • Fine Art Appraisal of Haitian Art

2. HAEAS’ Education Requirements for Members of Professional Organizations

  • Appraiser status membership in a professional appraisal society, and two years appraising experience will fulfill the Principles of Valuation course if the following are met:
    - Proof of current membership and status,
    - Submission of an Appraisal Report written within the last two years to be reviewed and approved by HAEAS.
  • Successful completion of HAEAS’ Fine Art Appraisal of Haitian Art course.


A letter of recommendation is required from a business or professional associate describing their knowledge of the candidate's experience and personal integrity in his or her field of expertise.

Continuing Education

Professional growth through Continuing Education is required in order to maintain HAA status in HAEAS. Completion of at least five hours of any combination of seminars, lectures, workshops, etc., each year is necessary to maintain the high standards established for HAA members. Submission of evidence of attendance is mandatory.

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