HAEAS Appraisal Program
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HAEAS’ Appraisal Program will be conducted according to the goals and objectives specified below.


  • Offer training and continuing education programs to those interested in the appraisal profession to appraise Haitian Art
  • Offer testing to qualify appraisers
  • Offer accreditation to trained and tested appraisers who meet HAEAS’ educational and experience requirements
  • Offer designations to trained and qualified appraisers


In order to meet the stated goals above, HAEAS will:

  • Develop a specialized course called Fine Art Appraisal of Haitian Art
  • Develop testing mechanisms for the qualification of Haitian Art appraisers
  • Develop an accreditation process for appraisers
  • Develop continued education in the field of appraising to ensure high professionalism and competency of HAEAS’ accredited appraisers
  • Develop designations criteria for appraisers who meet educational and testing requirements

What appraisal discipline will we focus on?

HAEAS intends to focus on the fine art appraisal discipline, which includes paintings, prints, graphics, sculpture, and fine art photography.

Who should be interested in appraising?

  • Appraisers of other appraisal organizations
  • Gallery owners and staff
  • Art dealers
  • Museum curators and staff
  • Insurance agencies
  • Estate liquidators
  • Attorneys
  • Auctioneers
  • All others who uses appraisal services

What resources are available to help with appraisal research?

The HAEAS’ Fine Art Database is a research database developed specifically for the Haitian Art appraiser. It provides the best available information on Haitian Art and its artists to help make appraisal decisions.

What are the education and accreditation requirements of HAEAS?

You can learn about HAEAS' education and accreditation requirements for appraisers by clicking here.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process through which HAEAS assesses the qualifications of its appraisers. Accreditation also includes an assessment of the accuracy and completeness of appraisal reports, and is necessary for standardized, objective information about the quality of appraisals. HAEAS will regularly revise and improve its Accreditation standards in order to keep the program current and address pressing appraisal issues.