HAEAS Appraisal Program
HAEAS Education Program
HAEAS Archive Program


HAEAS’ Archiving Program will be conducted according to the goals and objectives specified below.


  • Establish an archive and database of Haitian Art for historical, cultural and valuation purposes.


  • Build an archive of digital images and slides, which will be available online for a fee, or free to our members; and a research database complete with biographies, prices, and all particulars of each artist’s paintings or creations, which will also be available online for a fee, or free to appraisers who are members.

Long-Term Archiving

Because images may serve multiple purposes— to record history, to provide a surrogate for objects and to protect an object if it’s lost, damaged or stolen — HAEAS will establish protocols for long-term digital archiving.

Slide Registry

HAEAS will develop a slide registry for the purposes of having a teaching resource for universities and colleges interested in teaching about Haitian or Caribbean Art; and to serve as a presentation resource for lectures, seminars, and workshops. The Registry will also be an archival repository for slides of works by Haitian artists.

Concern over the protection of intellectual property will be an issue. Violation or possible violation of copyright laws must be seriously considered in producing, duplicating, and lending slides. These laws protect all commercial sets, slides taken from reproductions, and slides representing the work of contemporary artists. In most cases written permission from the owner or artist is required in order to reproduce these slides.

What Records are maintained?

Records to be maintained will be artists’ activities, correspondence, diaries, legal documents, photographs, sound, film recordings, object that may have lasting value, and any other document that have important historical information on Haitian Art.

Who may have a use for this Archive?

Museum researchers, scholars, students, journalists, lawyers, and others who want to know about Haitian Art or artists.