HAEAS Appraisal Program
HAEAS Education Program
HAEAS Archive Program



  • Conduct workshops for artists, collectors, gallery owners, dealers, curators, art historians, students, and the general public.
  • Develop Fine Art Appraisal Course to train and qualify fine art appraisers for Haitian Art.


In order to meet our goals, HAEAS’ main objectives will be to:

  • Conduct education programs in Haiti and the United States. We will offer workshops to our target population of artists, gallery owners, art dealers, collectors, scholars, and others interested in learning about Haitian Art. We will also develop Exchange Programs with US schools and other foreign schools, and establish a scholarship program to help further the appraisal profession and artists’ careers.

What type of Educational programs do we intend to offer?

  • Lecture proposals to art schools and universities.
  • Seminars in US and Haiti for collectors, artists, museum curators, etc.
  • Training classes for artists, appraisers, or others interested in learning about Haitian Art.
  • Annual Haitian Art Conference.

What is the Exchange Program?

The Exchange Program with US Schools and other Foreign Schools will help expand on learning and exposure for both parties involved. It will assists Haitian artists gain needed skills and education abroad and be able to share this new learning with others in Haiti. Art students traveling to Haiti will also gain new insights into the art and culture of Haiti and will bring new learning back into the mainstream. This exchange will help with Scholarship in that it will begin to develop new professionals and possibly art historians, curators, and critics that Haiti is in great need for.