HAEAS Fine Art Database

About the HAEAS Fine Art Database

The HAEAS Fine Art Database was developed with the appraiser in mind, as well as those professionals interested in the valuation and research of Haitian Art. This is a one-of-a-kind database with collective information not available anywhere else. It is accessible to individuals who join HAEAS at certain membership levels, or to those requiring only limited access for a day or a week.

What the HAEAS Fine Art Database offers

  • The only resource available anywhere on every aspect of Haitian visual arts
  • Over 3,000 records with images and growing
  • Bibliographies and biographies as they become available
  • A wide range of search and browse options and image links
  • Auction results from major auction houses
  • Provenance of the works based on information available

What it will offer

  • Articles on the fine arts of Haiti and that of other Caribbean islands
  • Scholarship written by international contributors

What you can do with the HAEAS Fine Art Database

  • Explore biographies of artists, photographers, and sculptors
  • Learn about styles, movements, and techniques of Haitian artists
  • Broaden your investigation using our online Index
  • Find listings of museums and galleries representing Haitian Art